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Destination Indonesia - Komodo - Raja Ampat
komodo dragon  

Indonesia offers a vast area of unspoilt diversity and beauty.
In 2012 Emerald Blue made a spectacular voyage down the west coast of Sumatra,and on to Bali sailing on east along the Nusa Tengarra to Komodo and Flores, before returning to Thailand.
1000 miles further East again almost as far as Irian Jaya lies the Tantalising destination of Raja Ampat (the 4 Kingdoms), by all accounts one of the most pristine areas of maritime beauty to be found anywhere in the world.

This sparsely populated area offers stunning island scenery with absolutely clear water and 75% of all fish and coral species that exist in the world, far away from mass tourism.
On land birds of paradise can be seen so the story goes.
We must go and see for ourselves.

Why not join us?

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raja ampat
komodo dragon
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