sail the andaman islands in India, Burma and thailand
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Destination - Andaman Islands
sailing andaman islands india

2 to 3 days sailing from Phuket , in the Bay of Bengal , Lie the Andaman Islands, a group of  some 300 tropical islands , mostly uninhabited and virtually untouched by tourism and development.

These beautiful jungle clad islands with their pristine beaches and reefs and clear emerald blue sea, offer an irresistible invitation to the adventurous who seek a respite from the high speed and stressful modern world.

The Andamans belong to India and are rich in History from colonial days, there are still Stone Age tribes living in some parts. Wild life is plentiful, whales and porpoise abound, and the fishing is excellent. They are also a birdwatchers paradise. Even swimming elephants can be encountered!

  andaman islands on yacht emerald blue

Port Blair
port blair Port Blair is the principal town and administrative centre of the Andamans. It has a certain character and charm, with a colorful market, some good restaurants and hotels and  interesting places to visit nearby.  
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When to go

The Northeast  monsoon, dry season, brings moderate breeze from Mid December to Mid April and is the best time to visit the islands. Temperature 25 -32 C

How to get there if you do not sail on Emerald Blue:
Regular flights are available from  Madras (Chennai), Calcutta (Kolkata)
and New Dehli.

Ferries run from Madras and Calcutta.

andaman islands on yacht emerald blue

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